Beard Care

My wife’s cousin asked me what I do to care for my beard. It struck me as odd at first since I have been an infrequent wearer of a beard during my adult life. I only have been sporting one again for about the last year. Although of late I am quite happy to have it, even in warm weather. I guess at least for now, I am a beard person once again.

While I am no expert on the care, feeding, and growth of facial hair, I get enough compliments that apparently I am doing something right. To that end, I thought I would share my beard care routine with all of you.

The first thing I learned years ago during some of my first attempts at beard growing, is that like the rest of your hair, a beard needs to be washed, conditioned, and combed. I use the same shampoo and conditioner that I use for my regular hair. As for combing, it was usually the comb I used for my hair, until recent years when I have become more discerning in my beard care.

It was probably about six or so years ago that I realized there was more I could do to make my beard softer and just nicer looking. I started out using just a little hair oil on it once or twice a week to help soften. Combing a few drops of oil through seemed to really make a different. It was not long until I discovered balms and started using them occasionally as well.

I have finally settled on a regimen and products that I like, and they keep my beard healthy and soft. I really enjoy the products from Rocky Mountain Barber, and it is convenient that I can get them through Amazon Prime.

I use a sandalwood comb from Huntsman Beard Company. I purchased it before Rocky Mountain Barber had a similar comb available. I like the smell of the sandalwood, and the oil and balm I use give it a nice patina and color over time.

As for the oil and balm, both are from Rocky Mountain Barber. I use the Classic Unscented almost every day. I rarely skip a day, and if I do, I certainly can tell the difference in the way my beard feels. I get some of the balm on my fingertips, rub my fingers together to soften it a bit, work it through my beard, then comb.

About once a week, I use a few drops of Rocky Mountain Barber Beard Oil on my comb in lieu of the balm. I just comb it through my beard. The beard oil is like a deep conditioner that helps keep the hair supple and strong, or at least that is what I believe.

There you have it, the way I care for my beard. Hopefully some of you will find this useful, especially my cousin who was kind enough to ask for the details.

Back from Vacation

Although I had not intended to be fully away from blogging over the last six months, that is what came to pass. Between an Italian honeymoon, summertime with all four kids in the house, a new puppy, and some unexpected twists and turns, the intention of sporadic posting very quickly became no posting whatsoever.

The pace of life has once again become less overwhelming, so here I am back catching up on unfinished drafts, starting new posts, sorting through pictures, and contemplating new projects. I will do my best to keep posting regularly, although I cannot entirely promise everything I post will be riveting.

Time to get to work generating some content. I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend.