Beard Care

My wife’s cousin asked me what I do to care for my beard. It struck me as odd at first since I have been an infrequent wearer of a beard during my adult life. I only have been sporting one again for about the last year. Although of late I am quite happy to have it, even in warm weather. I guess at least for now, I am a beard person once again.

While I am no expert on the care, feeding, and growth of facial hair, I get enough compliments that apparently I am doing something right. To that end, I thought I would share my beard care routine with all of you.

The first thing I learned years ago during some of my first attempts at beard growing, is that like the rest of your hair, a beard needs to be washed, conditioned, and combed. I use the same shampoo and conditioner that I use for my regular hair. As for combing, it was usually the comb I used for my hair, until recent years when I have become more discerning in my beard care.

It was probably about six or so years ago that I realized there was more I could do to make my beard softer and just nicer looking. I started out using just a little hair oil on it once or twice a week to help soften. Combing a few drops of oil through seemed to really make a different. It was not long until I discovered balms and started using them occasionally as well.

I have finally settled on a regimen and products that I like, and they keep my beard healthy and soft. I really enjoy the products from Rocky Mountain Barber, and it is convenient that I can get them through Amazon Prime.

I use a sandalwood comb from Huntsman Beard Company. I purchased it before Rocky Mountain Barber had a similar comb available. I like the smell of the sandalwood, and the oil and balm I use give it a nice patina and color over time.

As for the oil and balm, both are from Rocky Mountain Barber. I use the Classic Unscented almost every day. I rarely skip a day, and if I do, I certainly can tell the difference in the way my beard feels. I get some of the balm on my fingertips, rub my fingers together to soften it a bit, work it through my beard, then comb.

About once a week, I use a few drops of Rocky Mountain Barber Beard Oil on my comb in lieu of the balm. I just comb it through my beard. The beard oil is like a deep conditioner that helps keep the hair supple and strong, or at least that is what I believe.

There you have it, the way I care for my beard. Hopefully some of you will find this useful, especially my cousin who was kind enough to ask for the details.