Developer Week 2018

Developer Week 2018 is in the books, and what a great week! I got to spend four days with all sorts of amazing people. Here are some of my foremost thoughts from the week.

There was an excellent presentation on learning to extract subtle signals from the noise of all the data we collect in our monitoring systems. It was very insightful that there are a few simple things that you can do to get started with signal processing and transformation using simple libraries like scipy. I am very much looking forward to playing these techniques.

There we several interesting presentations on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and how to start leveraging them. One of the more interesting ones is  how serverless computing and microservices are helping tame the explosion of machine intelligence algorithms. Creating what is effectively an operating system for AI by welding all of these components together. I guess it is time for me to really dig in deep and learn about ML and AI in-depth.

Securing coding tools and techniques were also a popular topic. There have been some great tools built that allow developers to get real-time analysis as they are writing code. This will help developers actually learn as they work and enable the updating of secure coding techniques on the fly. I am always excited about leveling up my coding, and this looks like a seemless way to do it.

Robots and IoT were also a hot topic. Certainly they are both going to be more and more integral in our lives in the coming years. There are some shifts being made in the thinking about how we interact with robots and what robots can do for us. It is interesting to see that companies are starting to think about robots as not only tools, but integral parts of our lives both emotionally and physically.

I also got to give a presentation about planning the move from traditional architectures to serverless. I have always been an enterprise architect geek, and serverless presents an amazing shift in the ability for an organization of any size to build a scalable and resilient architecture with little overhead.

I am going to spend the next couple of days organizing my thoughts and figuring out which one of these things to start exploring next. Stay tuned for follow-up posts as I dig into all these exciting topics in-depth.